Wednesday, August 26, 2009

End of summer progress report

At the beginning of the summer I was geared up for a difficult time at the pool. There had been enough frustrating experiences with Julia misunderstanding and becoming frustrated while swimming sans "magic ears" that I sought help from various sources. No one responded to my question: what do you do when she can't wear her hearing aids?

Now the summer is winding down and swimming pool days are numbered. Without any outside help we've seen vast improvement. Even in this obscure area Julia has adjusted and is now thriving.

The change is in an awareness that she has developed. She tells me that she can hear people talking, but she can't understand their words. She reminds me several times, "You have to talk loud, I don't have my magic ears." She makes better eye contact. She is compensating.

This could be some sign to me that I can stop worrying. I doubt that there will ever be an end to my anxiety. But even I, the over-protective parent, have to admit she is a competent, autonomous little person.

Soon she'll be explaining to other kids all on her own how they can help her hear better and I'll sit back and listen from a lounge chair. She may even be able to train a swim instructor in the best way to communicate. Another battle is conquered.

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