Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still playing our favorite listening games

The first informational packet from our audiologist included the web address of the John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles, CA. Hungry for support and resources, I eagerly enrolled in their ten-session distance learning program.

Each month, I completed an online questionnaire and printed another packet that helped me decode the mysteries of my daughter's hearing.

At the end of each lesson is a section of games and activities. It was John Tracy Clinic that prompted us to write our first experience books, Catching Lightening Bugs and Watching Daddy Race. They had us playing "will it float?" to expand vocabulary. They helped me incorporate sound and listening skills into each day.

We still play variations of our favorite game from the JTC preschool program: freeze dance. Tonight it was more of a hot potato game while I played the piano. All versions include stopping an action when the music is off.

This distance learning course was a terrific resource during the first year after my daughter's hearing loss diagnosis. The variety of games either enhance language or help kids gain listening skills that will help them locate and identify sounds. Plus freeze dance is good family fun - you just have to be doing something weird when the music stops!

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