Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guidance from adults with hearing loss

Months ago when my blog found some focus in Sunday posts about hearing loss, I was mostly interested in reading other parent blogs. I liked reading about the same sort of thing I was writing: speech therapy progress reports, hearing aid issues.

Lately, I've been interested in blogs written by adults with hearing loss. People who got hearing aids after they already possessed language or lifelong wearers who've already conquered the childhood challenges of life with hearing aids.

Here are a few blogs giving an adult perspective on something my daughter can't yet really explain:

Do You Hear What I See: A recent post about the pros and cons of normal hearing caught my attention. Sometimes it is relaxing to be able to shut out those annoying sounds, but it is outweighed by missing a kids cry for help in the night. I'm a bit relieved there were pros!

Growing Up Hard of Hearing is written by Danielle, a girl born with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. I love her post 17 Misconceptions about People with Hearing Loss.

Aided as an adult, Speak Up Librarian tells of the first day with hearing aids. It is great to think of all the things Julia heard for the first time with her new hearing aids but didn't have the language to articulate.

These bloggers are giving me some insight into the coming years. Their prospective is so much more valuable that the old "hearing aids are like eyeglasses for your ears." I have normal hearing and can tell that it's not quite that simple.

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