Friday, March 19, 2010

Silent Mommy

The whole family came down with a mild cold this week.  Julia had it first.  By the time Tim got it I was pretty sure the thing was unavoidable.  I'm about four days in now.

Sinus headaches, joint pain, and a runny nose are annoying enough when you're chasing an energetic youngster around.  I had all that and I lost my voice.  I spent the day yesterday ranging from decreased volume and squeaking to nothing but a faint whisper.

Julia couldn't hear me.

I'm used to repeating myself and talking louder than normal.  I even spell things sometimes which amazes me because a preschooler shouldn't be helped by that kind of thing.  I found myself trapped with no extra volume and no vocal stamina to repeat each phrase until she got it.

I explained the situation several times.  She didn't get it.  I think it was the most miserable day we've had together since the stress-induced tantrums just after she turned four.  She didn't kick or bite me, but she seemed injured because I couldn't hold up my end of the conversation.  That hurts worse than being bitten.  By late afternoon she was fed up with me.

Dad had to read the nighttime stories and Julia said her own prayers.  "Help Mommy get over her cold," she said.  Please do.

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