Sunday, April 11, 2010

Self advocacy amusements

It was really hot last week and the two sisters next door were in their bathing suits to jump on the trampoline while it was being sprayed with a hose.  Julia adores this trampoline and barges in on it at every opportunity.  This day, she couldn't because her hearing aids can't get wet.

We're new to the neighborhood and these "will you play with me?" conversations are a bit awkward.  Julia goes up to the youngest of the neighbors and says hello.

"I can't go on there with the water.  I can't get my hair wet," Julia tells her.
The other little girl is swaying shyly.
"I wear magic ears," Julia continues.

At this point I prompt Julia to show the girls her hearing aids since they probably have no idea what she's talking about.

Julia lifts her hair and says, "These are my magic ears.  They help me hear.  Without them I can't hear very well.  You have to talk really loud.  Look, these are my earrings and these are my magic ears.  Can you tell the difference?  It's very confusing."

She also pointed out that she was wearing aqua socks and it is okay if they get wet.

Self advocacy will be a goal of ours for quite some time.  Julia has to be able to position herself to hear in the classroom and social settings.  She needs to be able to explain her hearing aids to her peers.  My husband and I felt reassured listening to this conversation.  She advocates for herself pretty well already!

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