Sunday, April 18, 2010

Watching TV at a reasonable level

Julia's insurance approved the purchase of a personal FM system for us to use in our very own home.  We pursued getting one of our own because DART will be repossessing theirs in a few months.  The school district will keep all equipment in the classroom when kindergarten starts.  We'd be left with nothing for dance class and extra curricular activities.

After having the FM for a week, we're already using it way more than before.  Tim got a cable to hook it up to our TV.  We can watch a movie with our daughter while the sound is at a reasonable level.  It plays right into her hearing aids and she's getting a lot more out of TV time.  I'm happy that the sounds of Star Wars don't take over the entire house!

We'll be able to plug the FM right in to my computer or a portable DVD player so she can hear a movie on the airplane this summer. 

And we're guaranteed to have the additional support she needs for dance, soccer or whatever she decides to take on in the future.  We love our FM!

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