Sunday, June 6, 2010

An implantable hearing aid

A "soundbite" in the current issue of Volta Voices caught my eye.  The FDA has approved the first "completely implantable hearing aid".

A visit to the Esteem website proved a bit emotional.  Right there on the first page, two smiling people are fully underwater.  Julia would jump for joy if I told her there's a chance she could hear while swimming some day.

I found a blog, Building My Self Esteem, of a woman implanted in 2008.  From her description, she's hearing much better with this technology.  Her kids aren't getting away with much anymore.

There are all kinds of specifications and requirements, one is that the patient must be 18 to be implanted.  The hearing loss must also be stable.  There are a lot of years between us and any decisions about this kind of surgery.

It's an interesting thing to dream about.

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