Sunday, June 20, 2010

Expectations for AG Bell's Biennial Convention

Sometime last summer, my writing on this blog found an audience among other parents of children with hearing loss.  After some intermittent posts that received a good response, I decided to dedicate Sunday to posts about hearing topics

Then I got a big glossy postcard in the mail from AG Bell.  Their 2010 Biennial Convention was coming up and I felt it calling me.  I was finally doing something beyond living in our little bubble of audiologist appointments, speech therapy, and IEP meetings.  I was interacting with the world and wanting more. 

With support from Prilosec OTC, I will be attending the conference which has been described as a "life changing" event.  Days away from having my life changed, I'm getting pretty excited.

Next weekend will be chock full of the best advocacy and early childhood education workshops to be found.  There will be a whole introductory session to help first time attendees make the most of their experience.  Will I have to choose a learning track or can I mix it up?

My expectations are high.  I hope to learn lots of great stuff to bring home to my Sunday readers.  It's less than a week away.  Did I mention I'm excited?

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