Sunday, June 13, 2010

The first big girl booth test

At the end of May, Julia returned to the audiologist.  It had been only three months since the last test.  She's on a more frequent schedule because her middle frequencies have gotten a bit worse.

The booth hasn't been a great thing to witness in the past few appointments.  Julia had been difficult to keep on task and didn't seem too interested in feeding elephants, monkeys, dogs and rabbits as part of her conditioned response to hearing a sound.

Our audiologist decided for the most recent test that Julia was ready for "conventional audiometric test procedures".  What a difference!  I think Jules relished hearing the audiologist throughout the testing. 

She had to repeat words for the word recognition test rather than pointing at pictures.  She shouted her responses so loud I wished I had ear plugs.  Julia proudly pronounced every sound in each word.

Conventional procedures call for the child to raise their hand after hearing each sound.  Julia was quite enthusiastic with this one as well.  She did an all around outstanding job.

Last night, I got the two page written report titled: Audiology Evaluation.  It included a new audiogram and a detailed description of the tests and results.  It didn't mention how the audiologist turned down her headphones to keep from having her own eardrums injured by the enthusiasm of my young child.  It left out how proud she was to raise her hand as soon as she heard each "whistle".

Thankfully this post will round out the report because those were details too precious to forget.

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