Monday, June 28, 2010

Was it really life changing?

The AG Bell Convention wraps up today in the sizzling heat of Orlando, FL.  As you read this I'll be taking in three final workshops.  My head is swimming with new ideas to try out in our home.

Yesterday was a marathon of concurrent sessions.  By afternoon my knees ached from sitting in a chair all day.  Was it that uncomfortable when I worked?  I can't remember.

Like school without quizzes or work without pay, the convention has still challenged me in many ways.  I've been taking notes the old fashioned way with a pen and paper.  I've met new people.  I've navigated hallways.

The weekend has forced me to take a break from my usual schedule of gardening, outdoor play, and evening blogging.  It has renewed my love for Pittsburgh.  Even though I'm not specifically homesick, I'm more grateful for all of the professionals and services that have helped with Julia's hearing loss.  Those things are not available to many of the people I've encountered in these few days.

My Sunday blog posts will be easy to write for the coming weeks.  There's a whole list of other blog posts in my notebook.  You can look forward to a rant about public restrooms, expensive hotel restaurants, and my aversion to Twitter.

It's too soon to know if my life has been changed, but I had sure had fun trying.

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