Sunday, July 4, 2010

She heard that!

Today is Independence Day and there's a good chance you'll have already seen fireworks or plan on seeing them tonight.  I'm not that interested in fireworks unless they are in Disney World.  After ten minutes of a local display I'm pretty bored.  Ooh, sparkly.... Is it time to go home?

My Julia never tires of them.  We've taken her someplace each 4th of July since she was 2.  The first time we went to the Ross Community Center.  We'd say "boom" and she would repeat it.  She heard the fireworks boom and spontaneously said, "boom".

It was a language experience before I even knew that terminology.

It was also the first time we (wrongly) thought that her hearing something meant she could hear everything.  She could hear fireworks and the piano and the carpet installers banging staples into the floor.  She could point to pictures in a book after I named them.  She could point to her head and her toes when asked.

After more than two years of parenting a child with hearing loss we still say, "she heard that".  Julia sometimes hears the vacuum cleaner or the hair dryer without her aids.  She occasionally picks up tidbits of conversation that were said in a voice quieter than you'd think she could hear.

After more than two years of parenting a child with hearing loss I'm sure that she hears some things without her aids.  I understand now that it's not enough. I'm thankful that her "magic ears" keep her from missing most  sounds no matter how loud or quiet.

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