Sunday, July 11, 2010

Slow signers

This winter Julia's hearing got a little worse.  We found that she was struggling a good bit with and without her hearing aids.  We decided that we'd start learning American Sign Language (ASL).  I'm convinced it will be a big help especially during swimming season.

We started with a DVD that taught us the alphabet and numbers 1-10.  We learned to sign the names of the rooms in our house and found that signing "bedroom" is one of Julia's favorites. 

Currently we're working our way through a little booklet called 100 Signs for Parents from DawnSign Press.  The American Society for Deaf Children mailed a copy with their welcome package.  I carry it in my purse so we can work on new signs while waiting in a restaurant or doctor's office.

Still our progress is pretty slow.  Julia tries to make sentences using the few signs she knows.  "Do not dance bedroom" is what she usually comes up with.  It's a very cute ASL sentence.  It's not very useful.  I'm sure it's grammatically atrocious. 

The AG Bell Convention introduced me to cued speech.  I think this could be the answer to our communication needs.  Cued speech a visual support to spoken language.  It should be easier for us to learn than ASL.  We will start lessons with a cued speech instructor some time this month.

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