Sunday, August 22, 2010

A celebrity sighting or just a trip to the ENT?

We're very fortunate to have a host of extraordinary professionals here in the greater Pittsburgh area.  One of these is Julia's Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, Dr. C.  He is a rock star.

When Julia's hearing loss was discovered, the audiologist gave me a list of things to do.  Among them was to see this specific ENT.  No other doctor would do.

The moms I met at various functions would ask upon meeting me, "who is your ENT?"  I would answer and then they'd spend fifteen minutes gushing about Dr. C.  I've come to understand that he's the man when it comes to cochlear implant surgery in Pittsburgh.

Fortunately, we see him just to check for general ear health.  He takes a peek every six months to make sure there's not a lot of ear wax gumming up the works.  We talk about how many ear infections Julia has had.  He's soft spoken and reassuring.

I didn't realize that I'd been assimilated into the Dr. C. fan club until the moment I saw him walking through the Orlando International Airport.  "There's Dr. C.!" I exclaimed with genuine enthusiasm.

My husband made fun of me.  He thought seeing Matt Damon would probably have garnered the same response.

After more than two years, these people are heroes in our world.  I mark the passage of time by appointments with the audiologist and ENT.  Regular reassurance from them keeps me from worrying too much.

So it was kind of like spotting a celebrity.  Only I got to see him again less than a month later.  And when we get together we mostly talk about ear wax.

Matt Damon isn't nearly so useful.

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