Sunday, September 19, 2010

A test of the emergency response system

On Monday, I got a call from the school.  The name of Julia's school scrolls ominously across the caller ID.

In 2.5 seconds I can think of seven awful things that could be the cause of this call.  It could be vomiting, fever, head lice, or bad behavior (that's really unlikely).  Maybe the bus wrecked.  Julia is lost.  Julia's hearing aids are lost. 

Her teacher just called to tell me that Julia didn't have her FM boots.

I'm relieved for just a moment before I feel dumb.  Julia likes to take her FM boots off over the weekend.  She doesn't like her magic ears being "long" when they don't have to be.  I've successfully taken them off for two weekends and remembered to put them back on by Sunday night.

This week, not so much.

So I got to test my emergency response time.  I took the call at 9:00 am.  I was clicking the FM boots on at 9:12 am.

My memory might not be great, but I'm happy with my time.  Now I just need to work on my level of anxiety when the phone rings.

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