Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kindergarten accommodations

Julia has finished her first two weeks of kindergarten.  She loves it!  So far everything has been going smoothly.

Julia wears two Phonak eXtra 311 behind-the-ear hearing aids.  The school has purchased a Phonak Inspiro FM system for her use during the school day.  I was impressed with the system, compared to the Phonak EasyLink we have at home.  The Inspiro has a nifty test for the teacher to make sure the microphone is in the correct position.  It requires the teacher to read a sentence and shows a smiley face on the display if it is correctly positioned.  We've had trouble with microphone placement during the preschool years.  Hopefully we won't have any issues now.

Each morning when Julia gets into her class, she takes her hearing aids out and puts the FM receivers on by herself.  The boots go back and forth between school and home, but the receivers have to stay at the school.  I was a bit worried about this part.  Thankfully, Julia has really mastered taking her aids out and putting them in.  I'm still making sure her hair is pulled back to keep things as simple as possible.

Three times a week Julia is pulled out of the classroom to work for 30 minutes with her hearing support teacher.  They are working on self-advocacy goals, lip reading, and caring for the hearing aids.  The hearing support teacher will also help the classroom teacher to implement the classroom strategies in the IEP.

Starting kindergarten has been a great experience.  We got to meet Julia's teacher and see her classroom for the first time at the beginning of summer.  Knowing the teachers ahead of time helped us when we were preparing for the big first day of school.  Here's hoping the rest of the year goes just as well as the beginning!

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