Sunday, October 24, 2010

The big kid "magic ears" play group

One thing I learned by travelling all the way to Orlando this summer is that life is really good here in Pittsburgh.

Julia has a top notch pediatric audiologist, a rock star ENT, and a little community of friends with hearing loss.  People travel every other year to AG Bell's convention so their kids can finally see other children with hearing aids. The longest drive for us is about 30 minutes.

Some of our good fortune might have ended in August.  Julia's hearing loss playgroup was over at the start of kindergarten.  Her friends were about to be scattered all over northern Allegheny County.

Since we all got to know each other dropping off and picking up our kids at school, we decided to keep getting together.   We formed a big kid "magic ears" playgroup.  Every other month we'll get together at a playground or area attraction for a couple of hours.  So far the kids had a nice romp at North Park.

Julia won't have to wait for AG Bell's 2012 Convention in Arizona to talk to another kid that knows all about hearing loss.  She'll see friends next month. With a little time put into organizing these events, Pittsburgh continues to give us everything we need.

This playgroup is for kids age 4-second grade with any level of hearing loss.  If you live in the Pittsburgh area and your child is interested in joining our playgroup, send an email to bigteethclouds at gmail dot com.

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