Sunday, November 21, 2010

Staying in the elementary school loop

Julia quickly tires of my after-school questions. I have to wait for things to come out. It requires patience and restraint on my part.

In the first weeks I wanted her to report on the faculty's use of her FM system. Are they using it? Does it help her?

Julia was patient with me, but didn't reveal many details on the subject. I was almost relieved the morning I left the FM boots off of her hearing aids. At least the teacher noticed. That means she uses it!

Since consciously sabotaging equipment isn't a great plan, I've found a better way to stay in the loop during these elementary school years.

I spy.

I went deep under cover during my first spy mission as a parent-teacher group volunteer. I had to pack some boxes to clean up after the book fair, but the information I gathered in the school lobby was quite valuable.

A guy from our church was in the school to talk to the kids about trees. They took a walk around the playground to collect leaves. I took the opportunity to say "hello."

"I had Julia in my group yesterday," he told me. "They put the microphone on me and everything."

This is good. I spied and they passed!

I feel confident the school has adopted the assistive technology as a part of the daily routine. I'm happy. It's nice knowing what's going on, even if I have to occasionally do a little heavy lifting.

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