Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hearing Loss Profile: Liz

Today we get to meet a late-deafened adult, Elizabeth.  She lives in England and blogs at Liz's Deaf Blog.

Liz's Story

I first realised something was wrong for definite with my hearing sometime late in the Summer of 2002. It was after the 4th time of asking someone to repeat what they just said and still not getting it. Before that I felt something wrong but wasn't quite sure and got by fine. My mum noticed something was wrong before me, but she did not say anything until we were at Audiology in Autumn 2002 for tests. I have been wearing behind the ear hearing aids ever since.

The cause of my deafness is unknown, so I am a medical mystery. My right ear is more deaf than the left. I'm  mild to moderate in low frequencies and profound in high.

I wear Siemens Reflex DP now. I got them shortly after my hearing got worse, which I blame on my mastoid infection, as that's when it since deterioriated. 

My advice for parents of a young children with hearing loss is to seek advice from the right people.  Never be scared to ask questions. Get equipment that your child needs as they grow to lead as independent a life as possible. When speaking to them, always make sure you first have their attention before you start speaking. This will save confusion, and keep them from feeling left out. It can be a frustrating time for them, especially if deafness came later.

Equipment I use at the moment that helps me:

Nokia Wireless Loopset for my mobile phone, my blog tells you more about that, and also at Connevans. This helps with conversations by using the loop part of my hearing aid, although with me having some bad days now trying to listen on the phone, I may have to consider some alternative, like RNID Talk by Text Home Edition.

Shake 'n' Wake vibrating alarm clock which gets me up in the mornings without fail.

A portable flashing doorbell unit, so I never miss who is at my door.

Silent Alert, which alerts me if the fire alarm went off. This was provided by my local fire station for free, after it was organised by my Social Worker.

Thanks Liz!  Now that Julia is growing up, we've been thinking about things like alarm clocks and cell phone accommodations.  It's great to learn about what other people are using.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and would like to be featured here at BTaC, or if you are a parent of a deaf or hard of hearing child, please send an email to bigteethclouds at gmail dot com to be interviewed.

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