Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cue Camp as an incentive

Cue Camp Friendship is happening this June in Maryland. I am determined to help Julia understand cued speech before swimming pool season. Cue camp would be a good opportunity to help Tim and I gain speed and teach Julia. It's getting harder to communicate without hearing aids. We have to do something.

Little Wonder doesn't want to go.

Last summer's AG Bell Convention is burned into dear Julia's memory. It turns out she didn't like the kid program. When I mentioned going to SeaWorld next time we're in Orlando, she said, "I'm not going on that bus again!" In her mind SeaWorld is only accessible with a bus load of strangers (day care workers and other children in the AG Bell kid program). I didn't realize it was going to traumatize her!

After explaining that Mommy and Daddy would go with her, she's on board for any hypothetical  visit to an Orlando attraction.

Separating from us for any portion of a vacation is getting a big thumb's down, so I have attempted to make a bargain. If we can learn to cue enough to get by for a day at the beach by May, we won't go to Cue Camp. If we don't learn it, we'll give up three days of our vacation and some of our togetherness.

All parties have agreed to these terms. We haven't practiced even once. I'm keeping the Cue Camp registration form close by!

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