Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making an equipment snafu a bright spot in parenting

The school has me on speed dial. They call me to work there. They call with horrible news. They call when I forget to put on the FM boots.

On Tuesday, they called because through some strange series of events Julia lost an FM receiver on the floor of the classroom.

We have our very own FM system and receivers at home. The teacher wanted me to bring one of ours to the school so they could go on with their day. They were already operating on an ice storm induced two hour delay schedule.

In the six minutes it took to get to the school, I had a really bright idea. Julia has been having a difficult winter with her hearing aids. She's been complaining that they hurt her. One day she came home with a note from the hearing teacher. "FYI- Julia's ear was bleeding today," it said.

This is all because her ear canals are very dry. We've been applying oto ease, a hearing aid lubricant, in the morning in an attempt to moisturize her skin. It helps a little.

We hypothesized that all of this might go better if she didn't have to take her hearing aids out at least twice every school day. The powers that be insist that the FM receivers must stay at school. Julia has to take her aids out to put the receivers on each morning and take them off each afternoon.

My new bright idea is to send her back and forth already wearing our receivers from home. The school provided receivers can stay at school. In fact, one of them is busy hiding somewhere on the floor right now*.

Why didn't I think of this sooner?

*The receiver was located later in the day. We're still going to try using the equipment from home. Hopefully, her ears will heal if the aids are in and out less.

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