Sunday, January 2, 2011

Taking it one decibel at a time

Late last month, Tim insisted that I take Julia somewhere to figure out what's going on with her hearing. She's been a bit off lately, mishearing and dropping some sounds she'd previously conquered. I made lots of excuses. She's tired in the evenings. She's congested. She'll do better after cold and flu season is over.

The Dad wasn't interested in excuses, so I emailed the audiologist. We determined it would be best to make an appointment with the ENT. Dr. C. could check for fluid. They can do a hearing test at the same time to determine the impact of the congestion/fluid.

After almost two hours Dr. C. and a different audiologist than our regular one determined that there is no fluid in Julia's ears. There's no ear wax. Their testing revealed more hearing lost.

The black x's and o's are the results from the most recent test. Those green ones are where we started when Julia's hearing loss was first discovered. It started as a 55 dB loss. Now there are marks at the 80 dB line.

Honestly, I've still been waiting for the last 15 dBs lost to come back. I figure there's always a chance of a bad test or some incalculable stuffiness that caused things to be a bit different. It hasn't come back.

Dr. C. was genuinely apologetic that there was no wax ball he could clear. I made an appointment with our regular audiologist (January 12th) to have another test. If these results are confirmed, Julia's hearing aids will be reprogrammed and I'll try to program my mind to say "severe hearing loss" rather than "moderate."

Until the next test, there's still hope. This test was at the end of a long day. Maybe she was just tired.

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