Sunday, January 16, 2011

The latest hearing test

By the time we headed to our usual audiologist for tests to confirm the additional loss found at last month's ENT appointment, Julia was sneezing and sniffling.

In spite of being pretty congested, the tympanogram revealed only slight negative pressure. That means that her hear drums were still moving. Good news.

In the booth, Julia struggled with a word recognition task. I sat behind her and listened to her garbled attempts at repeating the audiologist's list of words. As usual, I tried to piece together Julia's behavior and the audiologist's face to guess at how it was going.

I still can't figure it out.

After air and bone conduction testing, the audiologist thinks there is some conductive component to Julia's hearing loss. The bone conduction test came out the same as our old tests, about a 65 dB loss. Through the air it was the same as December's test, down around 80 dBs. Julia's hearing aids have been adjusted.

We have to go back in May. Hopefully, then her congestion will be cleared up. If her slushy speech doesn't right itself in a timely fashion, we'll be going back to the ENT or pediatrician. Sinuses and adenoids might be making her head stuffy.

Though it's good to think that this isn't further progression of the sensorineural hearing loss, she's still hearing worse today than she was six months ago. As with all things related to hearing loss, it seems there's just more we don't know. The only thing that's certain is that we're looking forward to spring.

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