Sunday, February 13, 2011

Future IEP notes

Working as a special education paraprofessional in our local school district has given me lots of exposure to Julia's future educational environment. I've worked in different classrooms in first through fifth grade. I've spent time in the middle school. Currently, I'm doing a stint in high school.

The grade school teachers ask for students to get up and answer math questions. The little children give correct answers while facing the white board in barely audible voices. This is going to be a problem.

An assembly turned boy versus girl shouting match got really loud. Several special needs kids were pulled into the hallway to escape the sound of competitive screaming/shrieking. This is going to be a problem.

High school students are required to swim as part of gym class. I learned that kids with an IEP can opt out of this requirement. Good to know.

So, I have a page in my trusty notebook dedicated to "ideas for future IEPs." For next year we'll talk about tennis balls on chair legs, the sound field and personal FM. I'll inquire about getting a Mic for those student teachers to help clarify their shy white board mumblings. I'll ask that Julia have the option to remove herself from any assemblage of shrieking kids or at least have someone knowledgeable enough to remind her of her hearing aid volume control.

I feel informed and prepared from my time spent subbing. Come IEP time I'll be prepared with my notebook. There's stuff in there for years to come.

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