Monday, March 28, 2011

Corbett to cut PA funding for newborn hearing screenings

Tom Corbett's budget has been making lots of news here in Pennsylvania. The big ticket items have been getting a lot of coverage. Cuts to education and Medicare aren't going over so well. Then yesterday, I found out that the proposed budget will eliminate funding for the Newborn Hearing Screening program.

I've written in passing about Pennsylvania's newborn hearing screening. Julia, born in 2005, was screened as part of the program. She passed that screening and was found to have a moderate hearing loss as a toddler. I was hopeful that rather than can the whole program, we might extend it to include another screening around age 3.

Now I'll be writing a letter just to save the part of the program that's already been worked out.

I hope my Pennsylvania readers will join me in contacting our state lawmakers. PA currently tracks and follows up with new parents after the initial screening. They are now doing important work to make sure kids with hearing loss are put into the early intervention system. 

Without state funding, the effort to identify hearing loss in infants will be a disjointed mess.

Please visit this site to send a message to the state legislature.

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