Sunday, March 6, 2011

Perusing a different kind of catalog

Almost three years ago, Tim and I chose flesh colored hearing aids and clear ear molds for our newly diagnosed daughter. I wanted the aids to blend in to her golden brown hair. As if not seeing them would make the hearing loss disappear.

It was really hard to see her hearing aids. I tried taking pictures of her on the first day as she danced and signed "loud." You can't really tell she's wearing them in the pictures. I had to walk up to her and lift her hair to make sure she was still wearing them. There was no chance of slyly figuring out from across the room if my preschooler had tossed the expensive equipment to the dog.

Over time, we got more daring. There were slightly pink ear molds then pink with sparkles. Then Julia started choosing on her own.

Julia loves getting new molds. She got purple, hot pink and white tie dyed looking ones a while back. Most recently she chose rainbow stripes.

The audiologist has colorful brochures with lots of crazy color combinations. These color choices aren't enough. Julia knows now, as a big kindergartener, that other kids have fancy hearing aids as well. A person can have animal prints or bright metallic colors. I pulled up Phonak's web site one day so she could page through the options.

Julia will get new hearing aids in about two years. She's all about advanced planning.

Hearing loss has brought us a lot of new catalogs to consider. I can thank the school audiologist for suggesting an alarm clock that shakes the bed. On any given day Julia might be perusing the American Girl catalog* or another filled with ear gear and tube riders.

There's a lot of stuff to make hearing aids an expression of a little girl's personality. I think some kids are even jealous of those rainbow ear molds. Wait till they see the cool alarm clock.

*American Girl dolls can now get hearing aids too!!! From
There's now one more way to personalize your 18" My American Girl® doll: hearing aids. When you admit your doll to the Doll Hospital, our experts will perform a permanent piercing behind her ear to ensure the hearing aid is expertly fitted—in one or both ears. For more details or to order a My American Girl doll with a hearing aid, call 800-845-0005.
The hearing aids, which are removable, cost $14 and are also available for My American Girl® dolls at time of purchase and at retail locations.

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