Sunday, April 10, 2011

My nemesis: negative pressure

In January, Julia visited the audiologist. The appointment, as always, began with a tympanogram. The test showed negative pressure.

I'm no professional, but I've been to this particular specialist enough times to know that those humps are supposed to be over to the right hand side of the box. When they show up on the computer screen as left-side lumps, my heart sinks. We might as well just go home.

Negative pressure makes you have that stuffed up, underwater feeling. You can't hear as well. I'm annoyed by it with my normal hearing. For Julia, it's a real problem.

The audiologist told us in January that Julia should return when her ears are clear. She suggested May. Pumped full of EmergenC and having a really healthy winter, I thought perhaps we could get away with late April. I made an appointment for April 21st.

This week found Julia congested and snotty. I don't need a fancy machine to tell me her ears have negative pressure. I'll have to reschedule the next audiologist appointment.

The part that really upsets me is the length of time my nemesis, negative pressure, hangs around. The cold will be gone for six weeks before the pressure returns to normal. It makes appointment planning difficult. It makes communication more difficult.

The next appointment is set for early June. I'm hopeful there will be no new colds before then.

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