Sunday, April 17, 2011

Playing in the rain

Quite some time ago, Tim suggested we get some kind of water resistant wrapping for Julia's hearing aids. She could then have a bit more freedom around water and in light rain. She could, he thought, wear the aids in some situations that we currently deal with by taking them out.

I was opposed to the idea.

You might say that I'm overprotective of Julia's hearing aids. The thought of sending them in for repairs makes me sweat. I have this nightmare scenario replaying in my mind where Julia has to go to school without her aids. It is my personal Armageddon.

I figured we'd always just be safe and take Julia's aids out to play with squirt guns. We'd always have a raincoat or umbrella. We'd never ever let her play in the rain.

Then spring soccer happened. After four consecutive canceled practices, the team finally played on a sloppy muddy field. If that wasn't harrowing enough, the next practice was in a mild rainstorm. Julia played soccer in a waterproof windbreaker with the hood up.

On the way home from that second practice, I had to admit he was right. We need a waterproof wrapper for the hearing aids. Ear Gear is coming to the rescue. The testimonials are promising, but really I hope having protection will just chase the rain away entirely. Soccer is more fun in the sun.

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