Saturday, December 3, 2011

A spritz a day keeps the pressure positive

For years, we've been battling negative pressure. It's the stuffiness that lingers even after a cold. It's the goop that keeps ear drums from moving the way they should. It's been a real bother.

When I last complained about our tympanogram woes, I was looking forward to a summer trip to the audiologist. Surely, there could be no illness that would be impacting Julia's hearing in June.


In June, her left ear was clear. The right still had negative pressure which caused it to test 5-10 dB worse that the left ear.

The pediatrician suggested Zyrtec, so Julia dutifully learned to swallow a small pill every morning. Months passed and she was still stuffy. By fall, I'd had enough.

I made an appointment with a childhood immunologist/allergist. I feared Julia might be allergic to our house, me, or possibly her own self. Zyrtec didn't work, I was on a mission to find answers.

The allergist proved to be a torture chamber of epic proportions. They wrote on her back with a pen! They scratched her delicate skin with a white plastic thingy resembling the device that keeps the pizza box from collapsing into the cheese! They made her get one itchy bump!

At least she's allergic to something, I thought. It would be a shame to have made her scream like a two-year-old and still have no answers.

Wrong again.

The itchy bump was the "control." Julia is allergy free. Good news to be sure, but I admit to feeling a bit bummed. Surely, something is causing the chronic congestion.

The allergist prescribed Flonase. Each day my iPhone sounds an alarm that helps us remember to spritz Julia's nose with the very flowery-smelling drug. It's a miracle. In two weeks the congestion was gone.

Last Thursday, we returned to the audiologist. Julia cheered when the computer screen showed those two humps on the right side of the screen. "My ears are clear," she exclaimed.

Tim and I laughed. Then high fived. The ears are clear. The 5-10 dBs restored. Julia's hearing, for now, is stable. And Flonase is one of my new favorite things.

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