Friday, January 27, 2012

The stuff of better hearing

Last June, Julia got new hearing aids. After three years with her flesh colored Phonak eXtra aids, she upgraded to Phonak Naida's.

I still can't pronounce that word, "Naida."

The new hearing aids are more powerful. They have more features. Most importantly, they are light pink.

Naida's wirelessly communicate with a device called an iCom. The iCom links to phones and allows Julia to listen to her iPod without me listening to her iPod.

The new stuff is pretty cool. Though at some point, I was blown away by the sheer volume of stuff we now have.
  • The first hearing aids came with an Oliver the Elephant pack filled with little tools, FM boots, and accessories.
  • I took to saving ear molds. The first set because she was little and her ears were going to get bigger. (Tiny ear molds were going to be like cute toddler hand prints.) Subsequent molds have been saved for reasons I cannot quite identify somewhere between nostalgia and utility. We might need those old rock hard impressions some day... 
  • We soon added a personal FM for home use. 
  • The third pack of stuff arrived with the Naida's. A cute bag filled with much of the same stuff that we still have in the first bag. It's all organized, waiting for some possible use.
  • Our original Hal-Hen drying jar should probably be thrown out.
  • A brand new Dry & Store for fancy drying and germ killing.
Over the years, I'll have to learn how to let go of some of this stuff. Right now, it's a very visual reminder of our many blessings. The technology exists and we have access to it. I love the stuff!

My review of the Hal-Hen drying jar and the iCom are part of my Yahoo! Voices profile.

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