Saturday, August 10, 2013

Doll Hearing Aids

Molly and Kanani pose with Julia after their trip
to the new American Girl store in Ohio.
The American Girl catalog arrives frequently at our house. Too frequently, if you ask me. Julia pores over the catalog and makes lists.

I had mixed emotions when I learned that American Girl dolls could get hearing aids. While I'm thrilled that the dolls can truly be just like Julia, did this mean another trip to the doll hospital for poor Molly McIntyre? Another doll?

After getting a new hairstyle (bangs), Julz decided Molly was her mini twin and Molly should be the one to get hearing aids. This summer, plans were hatched to travel over three hours to a brand new AG store in Columbus, Ohio. A long drive for an audiologist appointment of sorts.

Molly went bravely into a separate room to have the hearing aids inserted. They drill a little hole to secure the aids. Julia had saved a considerable sum of her own money to get a few coveted accessories she'd seen in the catalog, all for Molly. Poor Kanani, at least she got to come out of the closet and visit the AG store.

Julia asked the first night if Molly should take her hearing aids out. I'm not sure they're the kind of thing that's meant to go in and out. Since Molly's typically a pretty good sleeper, I suggested leaving the hearing aids in. So far there have been no complaints.

Julia is quite happy and I hope that having her truly 'just like me' doll will be more than just a novelty. I hope it will give her confidence and that tiny doll hearing aids will help build hearing loss awareness among other little girls. It can't hurt.

AG hearing aids are $14, a bargain by American Girl standards. Build-a-Bear also offers hearing aids for your plush toys.

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