Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Maybe we've finally figured it out

Posts have become sparser and sparser here at Magic Ear Kids leading me to reflect on why I don't write so much anymore. There are many reasons and I'm quite confident the title of the post isn't one of them.

#1 - Julia is eight. She's going to be nine in March. Long ago it occurred to me that she was eventually going to want her privacy. Over two years ago, I killed my old tell-all blog, Big Teeth & Clouds. That was a big step toward not-having-Mom-share-every-fart-with-the-entire-world. Now it seems a little risky putting our conversations on the Internet. Soon there will be middle school and Google will probably still be a thing.

#2 - Some things are hearing issues, but making a big deal out of it doesn't help. We don't need to dwell in the loss. Five years after getting hearing aids, it seems time to put them in their place. They are a necessary tool. Equipment to be monitored and maintained. They are not our focus.

#3 - The problems we have now could very well be here for a long time. Spelling is hard. Memorizing things is a challenge. Ear molds clog up with wax. Ears get sore spots. Feedback happens. Batteries get lost in plain sight on the carpet. Tubes crack. The school ignores inconvenient portions of the IEP. Things go wrong. We deal with each concern as a family, and I don't anticipate any sudden resolution to these issues. There will be years of grueling work. Eventually there will be spell-check.

Our journey has become rather boring for the reader, but as a Mom, I'm in a better place. My anxiety has gone and even new issues seem less daunting. It took a long time, but we're back to normal. Normal is wonderful, and it has magic ears.