Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meet "Supper Girl"

Phonak gave away free posters of a comic called "Iron Man - Hearing is Believing" a while back. I ordered one and figured on receiving an 8x10 page that would likely arrive long after I'd forgotten ordering it.

I was pleasantly surprised to get huge tube via FedEx, not all that much later, that contained a gigantic poster. In the comic, Iron Man tells a bunch of kids in the school yard that the kid with hearing aids can play soccer just as well as any of them.

Upon Julia's arrival home from school, she saw the FedEx tube and immediately knew somebody got something. I took her to the dining room where the poster covered half of the table. She stood stock still and read the whole comic. I explained how Iron Man came to be so interested in hearing aids. (Or at least how it came to the attention of Marvel Comics - see the Blue Ear story here.)

"I could write a comic strip," she declared and disappeared to her room.

By dinner time she had created the "Supper Girl" comic strip. The artwork is quite impressive, I mean that's one accurately drawn hearing aid! It was several hours before any discussion about the spelling issues. Her comic is a great reminder for me that there are so many things more important than accurate grammar. The confidence of that masked hero is something that can't be taught. She truly is super!

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