Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Magic Ear Kids book is here!!!

Magic Ear Kids: Stories About Parenting a Child with Hearing Loss is now available from Amazon in print and kindle editions!

"Hey Julia, do me a favor and pretend you're reading my book."
"Okay, Mom."
*Snaps a few pictures and reaches to take the book back.*
"I was really reading it!"

A compilation of true stories about Julia's journey with hearing loss, Magic Ear Kids takes some of the best posts from this blog and continues the story through the intermediate and middle school years. One early reader (not Julia) declared some passages to be laugh out loud funny. Of course, there's a lot of frustration and a hearty helping of triumph. The work is far from over, but we're far enough along to know that life with hearing loss offers some challenges and limitless potential. I hope other parents and the professionals that serve them will enjoy reading about our experiences.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Coming Soon... a Magic Ear Book

It's been on my list of goals for a little too long to compile the stories on this blog into an anthology for parents of kids with hearing loss. I've been storing up the middle school stories too, bad FM boots and channel surfing (FM transmitter-style). Batteries and ear mold dysfunction, it's all still happening. It's just, happily, more of a background topic.

My camera roll is full of ear mold pictures as we're still having trouble
getting a proper fit.

This fall, I'll be working on organizing our journey into a cohesive narrative that will be available in print and Kindle additions on by the end of the year.